Heavy Industrial Monitor Pedestal Mounts

Base price:€540

Industrial Stand-Alone Mount

  • Extremely sturdy industrial mount
  • Available in heavy gauge stainless or black powder-coated carbon steel

Yoke and Pedestal Features

  • Yoke adds full tilt and swivel range of motion
  • Adjustment knobs turn to lock display tilt
  • Cables route through rugged conduit and into pedestal; no exposed cables
  • Use with optional floor stand or bolt directly to the floor


These Heavy Industrial Monitor Pedestal Mounts allow our Universal Mount Monitors to be used anywhere on the factory floor, creating a full stand-alone workstation. The Yoke allows full range of pan and tilt motion for an adjustable display angle. These mounts are also available with free-standing floor stands (both wheeled and fixed).

Features and Specifications

  • Provides a complete, stand-alone industrial display station when used with one of our Universal Mount Monitors and sealed keyboard
  • Yoke Mount provides full range of tilt and swivel
  • KVM Extender can be mounted inside the pedestal
  • Pedestal made from extremely sturdy 1 m tall, 101.6 mm square, 3.175 mm thick steel tube
  • 10 mm thick steel floor mounting bracket
  • Mounting pattern (W x H) – 178 mm x 178 mm
  • Available in stainless steel or black powder-coated carbon steel
  • Available in both non-sealed and sealed configurations
    • Non-sealed configurations route cables from the display and through a rubber seal on the head of the pedestal and are available in IP20 or IP54 (when sealed with RTV or equivalent)
    • Sealed configurations use flexible conduit to route the cables from the display to the head of the pedestal and are IP65/IP66 rated
  • Available in 3 different mounting styles:
    • Direct attachment to floor
    • Optional floor stand with locking casters: MOBL4X4-CSTR-xx series
    • Optional floor stand with levelling feet: MOBL4X4-FIXD-xx series
10 mm Base for direct
attachment to floor
Optional Floor Stand
with locking casters
Optional Floor Stand
with levelling feet

IP Rating Notes

  • When using the Yoke and Pedestal with floor stand options, note that powerful hose-directed water pointed at the pedestal base compromises the IP65/IP66 seal of the monitor if cables are run through the pedestal. Consult Hope Industrial Systems if this is a potential issue.