VESA Industrial Monitor Radial Arm Mount

Base price:€300

Full Range of Motion

  • Easily reposition monitor without turning knobs
  • Extend up to 686 mm
  • Fold into 114 mm of space
  • Elevate up to 457 mm
  • Pivot 90 degrees (portrait, landscape)

Flexible Operation

  • 6 different base mounting options (see below)
  • Internal cable management system
  • Adjustable monitor weight (6.1 – 18.14 kg)


The VESA Industrial Monitor Radial Arm Mount is designed to suspend our Universal Mount Monitors above a working area. With this mount, the monitor becomes weightless and can be repositioned easily once properly adjusted. This design saves space and adds flexibility to the work environment.

Features and Specifications

  • Reposition the monitor easily — no knobs to turn
  • Extends up to 686 mm, folds to just 114.3 mm of space, Vertical range of 457.2 mm
  • Monitor pivots 90 degrees for portrait to landscape viewing
  • Tilt monitor up to 200 degrees
  • Cable management system conceals cables in arm
  • Weight range of 6.1 – 18.14 kg. at a maximum of 76.2 mm from the end of the arm. Distance will vary with weight; please call if your application exceeds 76.2 mm. Note: this arm supports all configurations except for 19″, 19.5″, 22″, and 23″ stainless steel models with the attached stainless steel keyboard.

Mounting Options

Includes flexible mounting kit providing 6 different mounting options: bench clamp, through-bench, wall mount, reverse wall mount, side mount, grommet mount.

Bench Clamp Mount Through-bench Mount Wall Mount Reverse Wall Mount Side Mount Grommet Mount