Industrial Monitor Screen Protectors

Base price:€13


  • Protects Hope Industrial touch screens from scratches and wear
  • Easy to install, remove, and replace
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Affordable protection for your touch screen investment
  • A must when sharp hand tools are in use near a touch screen
  • Not for use in wet environments or on glossy/shiny display surfaces

Base configuration: for other options see pricing


 Product Description

For a small price you can protect your touch screen and keep it looking like new. These screen protectors are made of sturdy 0.18 mm polyester with the same acrylic hard coat that is used on the outer surface of our resistive touch screens. A 3.2 mm low tack adhesive is used around the back to secure it against the monitor and can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

You need to use Screen Protectors if…

  • You have metal dust that settles on the touch screen and acts like sandpaper when your operator touches it.
  • You have substances in your process that stick to the screen and are difficult to remove.
  • Your operators are using pens and other sharp tools that result in scratches, marks and even cracks.
  • You repeatedly touch the same area of the screen, which gradually wears down the acrylic hard coating.
  • Your operators use abrasive materials like paper towels or dirty shop rags to clean the display.

Note: these screen protectors are designed for use with Hope Industrial touch screens only. They may be used with other non-glossy/shiny resistive touch screens or other non-glossy display surfaces as long as the screen protector is not cut or resized (adhesive is only applied to the outside edges). Not designed for wet environments.

For use on:

  • Hope Industrial resistive touch screens in dry environments
  • Other non-shiny/glossy display surfaces in dry environments

Not for use on:

  • Non-projected capacitive touch screens or SAW touch screens
  • Any shiny/glossy display surfaces
  • Any displays in wet environments

Note that these screen protectors may not be cut or resized (adhesive is only applied to the outside edges).

Features and Specifications

  • 0.18 mm polyester
  • Anti-glare acrylic hard coat on front side
  • Low tack adhesive on back outside edge
  • Designed to be used in dry environments only
  • Resists dust from getting between the screen protector and the display
  • All sizes just €13 (€117 per 10-pack)
  • Sizes (W x H)
    • 12″ – SP-12 – 246.4 mm x 184.9 mm
    • 15″ – SP-15 – 304.8 mm x 228.6 mm
    • 17″ – SP-17 – 339.1 mm x 271.3 mm
    • 19″ – SP-19 – 379.0 mm x 303.5 mm
    • 19.5″ – SP-19.5 – 238.8 mm x 435.6 mm
    • 20″ – SP-20 – 407.2 mm x 305.6 mm
    • 22″ – SP-22 – 472.4 mm x 294.6 mm
    • 23″ – SP-23 – 511.8 mm x 288.3 mm