Heavy Industrial Monitor Yoke Mounts

Base price:€185

Wide Range of Motion

  • Standard yoke provides full display tilt capability
  • Pedestal/Benchtop Mounting Kit adds swivel capability
  • Adjustment knobs turn to lock display tilt

Flexible Operation

  • Extremely sturdy industrial mount
  • Available in heavy gauge stainless steel or black powder-coated carbon steel
  • Central opening allows cable routing through benchtop

Base configuration: for other options see pricing


Using the included yoke mounting holes, a variety of mounting configurations are possible.

The standard yoke can be used alone, with benchtop mounting kit for through-surface cord routing, or with our Pedestal Mount for free-standing applications. All models are available in stainless steel or black powder-coated carbon steel.

Features and Specifications

Standard Yoke Mount

  • Available in stainless or black powder-coated carbon steel
  • Side knobs allow easy tilt adjustment

Yoke with Pedestal/Benchtop Mounting Kit

  • Pedestal/Benchtop Mounting Kit adds full range of display swivel
  • Central tube allows cables to be routed through the surface of the bench while maintaining its IP rating
  • Available in both non-sealed and sealed configurations
    • Non-sealed configurations route cables from the display and through a rubber seal on the yoke kit and are available in IP20 or IP54 (when sealed with RTV or equivalent)
    • Sealed configurations use flexible conduit to route the cables from the display to the yoke kit and are IP65/IP66 rated
IP20 Benchtop Kit
IP65/IP66 Benchtop Kit

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