Figuring out what can we do better

Customer satisfaction has always been one of our top priorities at Hope Industrial Systems. We strive to provide excellent service and support because we know that strong customer relationships are just as important as manufacturing high quality products.

We have recently started sending Net Promoter surveys to most of our customers so we can get a feel of what we are doing right and what we can improve on. These surveys ask one simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend Hope Industrial Systems to a friend or colleague?” followed by an optional follow-up question: “If I were Hope Industrial Systems, I would…”

The responses we have received have been incredible. To get your Net Promoter Score (NPS) you subtract the percentage of Detractors (a score of 6 or less) from the percentage of Promoters (a score of 9 or 10). So, you can actually score anywhere from -100 to +100. So far we have received an overall NPS of +64! See how our score compares to other companies.

We have been blown away by the amount of comments that simply say “keep doing what you’re doing.” It’s always great to get affirmation of our efforts to keep our customers happy. Some positive comments we have received:

  • “Change nothing – all interactions I have had with Hope Industrial have been quick, easy, and provided exactly whatever information I needed. All products we have purchased are great, prices very good. Keep on keepin’ on.”
  • “Continue exactly what you are doing. Great tech support, excellent warranty. Competitive pricing. I wish more companies took care of me the way you do.”
  • “You already do a great job and I am not sure what I would change. From a purchaser stand point you are one of my best vendors. I thank you for all your support and flexibility when we have to ask for a rush item.”
  • “Stay the same!! We don’t have a need for your items often, but I always remember the company. Fabulous service, very friendly & knowledgeable staff. I truly enjoy doing business with you, which is not something I can say about many companies. THANK YOU!”

We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to help us with our continuous efforts to improve our products and services.

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