Serving Our Customers Worldwide for Over 20 Years

Hope Industrial Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA, but our presence is known worldwide. One of our corporate principles is:

“We will be good servants to our customers by giving them superior support and service and by treating all customers equally well.”

To help ensure this, we have worked hard to expand our company across the globe. We have a warehouse in the United Kingdom, and in time for Brexit, we will have another in the EU, so we can ship faster and better serve these the UK and European Union. Also, our website is available in 5 languages for 7 different regions.

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In 2012, we expanded to the UK and began selling in pounds sterling. Very soon, we will be opening another warehouse in Amsterdam so we can ship even faster to other parts of Europe and the world. Most of our products are stocked and ready for immediate shipment from these locations. Other highlights include:

  • Dedicated phone lines for US, UK, Spain, and Italy
  • Websites for USA, UK, Europe, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France
  • UK/European business hours with representatives staffed from 8:00 to 22:00 GMT
  • Pricing and invoicing in dollars, pounds sterling, and euros
  • BACS and SEPA transfer accepted
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • 30-day total satisfaction guaranteed
  • 24-48 hour repair turnaround for most models

While we have made many changes and grown over the years, one thing that has always stayed the same is our promise to provide customers with a positive customer experience every time. We are proud to be your supplier for industrial monitors, touch screens, and workstations and look forward to serving you well into the future!

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