Industrial Keyboard Video Overview

Overview of Hope Industrial’s line of industrial keyboards at the International Poultry Expo 2011 in Atlanta, GA.

Stay tuned for more product demos.

4 Responses to “Industrial Keyboard Video Overview”

    • Daniel J. McGraw

      Hi Bill, we have had a few customers over the years request displays that can be used in pressurized environments, usually for use in therapeutic hyperbaric chambers. But since our typical customer is only concerned with 1-atmosphere environments, we have never tested or rated any displays to specific pressures.

      In speaking with our engineer department, if you could give us an idea of what kind of pressure requirements you have, we might be able to provide some guidance or recommendations.

      Regarding the back-lighting, all of our displays currently use CCFTs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube) with a 50,000 hour brightness half-life. We have been testing LED-backlit (both direct, and side-lit) models for some time now and you can expect use of these in the future.

    • Daniel J. McGraw

      Hello Peter,

      All of our keyboard are powered via the USB bus. So whether the keyboard is being connected directly to the PC via a USB cable, or through any of our USB extender devices, the keyboard gets its required power from the USB cable with no need for external power sources. Hope this helps!


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