Product Enhancement Round-up

Industrial Thin Client Enclosure

Our products aren’t finished until our customers say they are. We don’t introduce new products to our line of industrial monitors and touch screens until we feel they are as good as they can get but there’s always room for improvement.  We listen closely and continuously review our products to see how we can make them even better. 

Below are a few of the recent improvements we have made to our existing products:

Improvements to Industrial Thin Client Enclosures

  • Updated internal mounting bracket accommodates a larger variety of thin clients and small PC’s
  • UL-certified for use in Type 4/4X environments

22″ Universal Mount Monitors now UL 50E-Certified

  • UL-certified to meet Type 4/4X standards after being put through rigorous environmental tests
KVM mounted on ML20 using the VESA Adapter Bracket

New VESA Adapter Brackets for KVM Extenders

  • Every stand-alone KVM extender now ships with a VESA bracket for mounting the KVM remote unit
  • Easy-to-attach bracket  lets you mount the KVM remote unit to any nearby surface or to the rear of our Panel Mount monitors (using a separate accessory mounting bracket)

Lower Cost Cable Exit Cover Plates for Universal Mount Monitors

  • New Compression Gland Cable Exit maintains a UL-certified Type 4/4X seal without conduit
  • Field-replaceable cables – no disassembly required
  • Available in stainless or black powder-coated steel
  • Low cost compared to other NEMA 4/4X cable exit cover plate options

Thinner 19″ Universal Mount Monitors

  • Slimmer, new design is only 3.25″ deep (compared to the previous 4.50″ design)
  • Rated to 50°C (122°F)
  • UL-certified for use in Type 4/4X environments

2 Responses to “Product Enhancement Round-up”

  1. I really like the fact that you can bolt a PC on the back of your Panel Mount monitor – that way you can get the software you need for my own PC, and you don’t have to spend all that money for an “Industrial” PC…

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