Update from OTC 2011 in Houston, TX

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is wrapping up today and this has been a good show for us. The sheer size of this expo has to be seen to be believed. There are multiple buildings and even booths set up in the breezeways between buildings.

All of our 17″ and 19″ industrial displays and industrial touch screens carry full HazLoc ratings for Class I, II, and III, Division 2 environments for only a very small price premium over our non-HazLoc models. This has made our screens very popular with many of the Oil and Gas industry attendees visiting this show.

We have also rated our industrial keyboards and¬†industrial¬†KVM extenders for HazLoc environments, which means a full keyboard and touch screen workstation can be set up in a C1D2 environment, with signals safely routed back to a standard PC or server which can be kept up to 1,000′ away in a non-HazLoc environment.

We have seen interest for this product configuration in a variety of Oil/Gas environments. One visitor commented on the fact that the low vertical profile of our full industrial touch screen workstation makes it particularly useful on an oil rig, where the cost of space per square foot exceeds even the most sought after Manhattan apartments.

Another application we’ve discussed with multiple visitors is the use of our smaller Panel Mount Monitors installed in the door or side of a portable case which would contain sensing equipment for remote monitoring or even search and rescue applications.

This is our first visit to the OTC show and we feel it has definitely been worth the trip.

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