Our System Assembly, Test, and Packaging Service for Universal Mount Monitor Workstations significantly speeds up installation time at the customer’s location. Components are assembled as one unit, then tested at our factory and shipped in as few as one box, allowing the customer to simply remove the assembled unit from the box, mount it as required, and connect cables for operation. Included in this optional assembly service:

  • Assembly of all of the components into one workstation, including any of the following:
  • Connecting of cables inside the NEMA/IP-sealed connector housing
  • Testing of the entire unit connected to a single computer (includes testing video signals, keyboards, and KVM Extenders) to ensure proper cable connections (note: all components are extensively tested no matter how they are ordered, we simply test to make sure all connections are complete and secured)
  • Packaging of the entire workstation into a single box (pedestals and some other mounts are shipped separately)
Workstation Assembly Service for Industrial Universal Mount Monitors, showing before and after
Workstation parts shipped individually…or with Assembly Service in a single box!

Some things will still need to be done on-site in the customer’s factory:

  • Routing cables from the workstation to your computer or thin client
  • Mounting the workstation on a pedestal or arm (if needed)
  • Cable connections (if using your own cables)
  • If using a pedestal-mounted enclosure, the user will have to mount the enclosure to the pedestal, install the thin client (or PC) inside the enclosure, then attach the cables inside the enclosure
Workstation Assembly Service for Universal Mount Monitors
Monitor SizePart NumberPrice
15"/17"STA-1517$165£140€160160 €STA-1517
19"STA-19$165£140€160160 €STA-19
19.5"STA-19.5$165£140€160160 €STA-19.5
22"STA-22$165£140€160160 €STA-22
23.8"STA-23.8$165£140€160160 €STA-23.8