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Operated by the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE), the IECEE CB Scheme is an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certificates dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment, and products.

It is a multilateral agreement among participating countries and certification organizations, which aims to facilitate trade by promoting harmonization of national standards with International Standards and cooperation among accepted National Certification Bodies (NCBs) worldwide. By achieving this, it brings product manufacturers a step closer to the ideal concept of "one product, one test, one mark, where applicable".

IEC 62368-1

IEC 62368-1 is the new hazard-based standard that will replace both IEC 60065 (Safety of AV Equipment) and IEC 60950-1 (Safety of Information & Communication Technology Equipment). The standard is expected to be advantageous to manufacturers designing modern electronic equipment and components due to its hazard-based principles, more performance-based requirements (vs. prescriptive), and its ability to better consider innovative designs and constructions.

This category covers equipment, appliances, and systems rated 600 V or less normally found in offices and other business establishments, residences (homes), educational facilities, churches, institutions, and other similar environments classified as unclassified locations.

The basic standard used to investigate products to obtain the UL mark is IEC 62368, "Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment - Part 1: Safety Requirements."

All of Hope Industrial Systems' Panel Mount, Rack Mount and Rear Mount Monitors (HIS-ML12, HIS-ML/RL/RM15, HIS-ML/RL/RM17, HIS-ML/RL/RM19, HIS-ML/RL/RM19.5, HIS-ML22, HIS-ML/RM23 and HIS-ML23.8) are covered under IEC 62368.

All of Hope Industrial Systems' Universal Mount Monitors (HIS-UM15, HIS-UM17, HIS-UM19, HIS-UM19.5, HIS-UM22, HIS-UM23 and HIS-UM23.8) are covered under IEC 62368.