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AccuTouch Resistive Touch Screen Sensor

Why do we use Resistive Touch Screens?

We use resistive touch screen sensors in all of our industrial touch screen models. These sensors are very well suited to industrial control applications for a variety of reasons. This article discusses the technology itself and its benefits. We also talk about the Elo AccuTouch line of sensors and controllers, and why we chose them.

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Sulphur Protection

VCI Emitters
VCI (Vapor Corrosion
Inhibitor) Emitters

Many industrial environments have invisible airborne substances, like dust and moisture, that can damage electronic equipment. There are other less common substances that are found in specific industrial environments that can be even more damaging. Sulphur is one of those substances.  Airborne sulphur uses moisture in the air and is corrosive to the copper and silver commonly found in the conductive traces on circuit boards, in LCD circuits and resistive touch screens.  All of these components are found in the construction of an industrial lcd monitor.

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Industrial Thin Client Enclosure with Wyse thin client

Our New Line of Thin Client Ready Industrial Operator Stations

Hope Industrial Systems is pleased to introduce our new line of Thin Client Ready Industrial Operator Stations. These self-contained workstations are available with 15″, 17″, or 19″ LCD monitors housed in NEMA-rated black powder-coated or stainless steel enclosures and provide a sealed, clean and cool operating environment for a user-supplied thin client or small form factor PC. Optional features include NEMA-rated touch screens, industrial keyboards and pointing devices, and tilt/swivel yoke mounts.

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Sample label from a 17" Stainless Panel Mount Monitor with hazardous location ratings noted

New Hazardous Location Rated Industrial Monitor Products

Hope Industrial Systems is now shipping Hazloc-rated models of our 17″ and 19″ industrial monitors and touch screens. Our Panel Mount and Universal Mount displays (including our keyboards and KVM extenders) have been certified by UL for Class I, II, and III, Division 2 locations. These displays are also certified by UL for Type 12/4/4X environments, carry a UL508 safety rating, and are backed up by our industry-leading standard 4-year warranty.

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Monitor-Mounted Industrial Keyboard with Short-Travel Keypad

Introducing Our New Membrane Industrial Keyboard

Hope Industrial Systems is pleased to announce we are shipping our new short-travel membrane keyboard with touchpad. With 102 alphanumeric keys, 12 function keys, a numeric keypad, and touchpad pointing device, it offers all the functionality required for industrial applications. Cables are routed up through the base of the monitor, exiting the enclosure along with the video and touch screen cables. The keyboard is available in PS2 or USB versions and it has been designed to attach to all Hope Industrial Systems Universal Mount monitors with no gap in between the monitor and keyboard. The keyboard is sealed to NEMA 4/4X standards and carries an industry leading 4-year parts and labor warranty.

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UL Certifications for Industrial Monitor Products

Industrial Monitors Awarded UL Type 4/4X/12 Certification

Hope Industrial Systems is pleased to announce that all 15″, 17″, and 19″ models of our Panel Mount and Universal Mount monitors and touch screens have been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the demanding requirements of UL 50E. The UL 50E Type ratings are equivalent to what is more commonly referred to in our industry as NEMA standards (e.g. NEMA 12, NEMA 4, and NEMA 4X). While most suppliers “self-certify” to NEMA standards, we have chosen to engage UL for official confirmation for our 15″, 17″, and 19″ monitors, assuring our customers that an independent testing agency has completely tested those designs.

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